Friday, 25 January 2013

better your best

Asics have just launched a new "better your best" campaign that is going hit the world on a global scale , spanning TV, print and social media. The focus behind it is to motivate every day athletes , personally I love the 60 second advert. It sure makes me want to get my running shoes on!
As with most modern strategies it is vital to integrate social media as a marketing tool , whilst Asics are doing this I feel like they aren't doing it as well as they could do. They don't seem to portray a solidified brand slogan across their social media websites. Maybe this is a deliberate ploy to allow themselves to target their branding geographically to meet the needs of customers at a more local level ? This seems to be the case with Asics twitter pages as they have nearly ten pages all categorised by country , allowing more opportunity for effective direct marketing.

The advert itself shows an attractive woman with prominent red Asics trainers, tying her shoe laces getting ready for a run. She glances up to see a hooded figure run off in front , this is where her race commences. She isn't quick enough to beat the hooded figure but with dedicated training and the help of her brilliant Asics running shoes she can. It shows her competing in races and out training but always behind this mysterious figure. I like the symbolic part in the middle where she falls , pauses and realises she needs to pick herself up and do it better. After all , even in the business world we need to fall to learn how to do it better and eventually succeed. Have a look at the advert below to see who this person is and if she manages to finally beat it.


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