Saturday, 22 December 2012

Mr W. Inspirational "Green" Advert

I know I originally said I was going to talk about up to date advertising campaigns but today my tutor diverted my attention to this advert named "Mr W". This great video depicts a lonely, vulnerable and confused man just seeking a purpose in life. I just felt like I had to talk about it.

First publicised on the 30th of April 2007, this add was created by Nordpol Hamburg, said to be one of the most creative agencies in the world. It was made for EPURON to be showcased to B-2-B customers on TV and over the internet.

I think that this advert is very clever in the way that it engages with the audience, keeping you guessing right until the last part of the video. I must admit I didn't clock on until the caption "wind" appeared in the bottom right hand corner. This is definitely one of the most original and captivating campaigns I have ever seen, just turning such a bland subject matter as wind into something so mesmerising is a pure stroke of genius.

Feel free to watch the add yourself, what do you think ?

I'd like to thank my tutor Neil for bringing my attention to possibly his "favourite add"

Marketing Student.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lord Sugar, Generosity or PR plan ?

Hi again,

Something that caught my eye on Twitter almost as soon as
I updated my last post was a tweet from Lord Alan Sugar stating

"Disgusting that xmas presents were stolen from @greatormondstreet kids . Replace them and send me the bill to "

This is in relation to the fact that recently up to twenty presents were stolen from Great Ormond Street hospital including DVD players, games consoles and toys. (Guardian 2012)

Now at first this looks like Lord Sugar is fully embracing the Christmas spirit by making a donation to people a lot less fortunate than himself. Then it comes to mind, why would the bill get sent to a brand new business called "Stylfile" ? A similar tweet was also posted by "Inventor Tom", Lord Sugars partner in this new business. Lastly Stylefile themselves have put forward a similar message. This message has been re-tweeted nearly 15,000 times in under a day, with Christmas only a week away. Therefore, for a promise made to replace twenty toys this new brand has been exposed to nearly 15,000 people in 16 hours. Personally I would say that is up there with some of the most effective and economical public relations strategies.

However, I suppose it's Christmas and part of me wants to just believe that message was sent out with all good intentions and the fact it could boost sales and was great for brand exposure was just mere coincidence. Merry Christmas to the children of Great Ormond Street and I hope you wake up to the presents you deserve.

Marketing Student.

New to blogging

Hi there world,

I've never had a blog before, however, I have decided to venture out into the digital community. So here we go, I am a student studying Marketing and Advertising Management in the vibrant city of Leeds. I am currently half way through my second year at university, eagerly anticipating next years opportunity to find myself a placement working in the big scary world that is the Marketing industry.

So, I am more writing this blog for myself, my aims are to update the blog as much as I can along side my studies. The posts will both be a platform for me to discuss theory I have learn't in lectures and seminars and give my views on them. Also, I could just randomly talk about any random campaign, advertisement or just something interesting related to the subject that catches my eye. Ideally, if I could link the theory I am learning in University to relevant and up to date campaigns/strategies then that would be great. One step at a time though.