Tuesday, 18 December 2012

New to blogging

Hi there world,

I've never had a blog before, however, I have decided to venture out into the digital community. So here we go, I am a student studying Marketing and Advertising Management in the vibrant city of Leeds. I am currently half way through my second year at university, eagerly anticipating next years opportunity to find myself a placement working in the big scary world that is the Marketing industry.

So, I am more writing this blog for myself, my aims are to update the blog as much as I can along side my studies. The posts will both be a platform for me to discuss theory I have learn't in lectures and seminars and give my views on them. Also, I could just randomly talk about any random campaign, advertisement or just something interesting related to the subject that catches my eye. Ideally, if I could link the theory I am learning in University to relevant and up to date campaigns/strategies then that would be great. One step at a time though.


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